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Dec 25, 2022

Typhoon Labs TV Admin

Complete Overview on

Typhoon Labs TV Streaming App.

This tutorial assumes you have successfully downloaded, installed and registered to the Typhoon App.

If you haven't done so, just follow the steps:

1. Open your Downloader App or any Browser form your Android Device.
2. Input apps download link For all android devices: or 58697 short code and go.

3. Open Typhoon app and Register with a valid email address.
4. Verify your email address with the Code sent and login.


    Logging In.

    Simply Login to the TyphoonTV with your credentials which you registered with. Whether you are on a Free Trial or Paid Plan, it works all the same for all users.

    N.B: If you have problem logging in, turn off your VPN and try. If you still face issues, contact us.

    Home Screen Overview.

    There are 3 parts of section in the Home Screen Layout.

    1. Main Menu
    2. Announcement Banner
    3. Shortcuts

    From the Main Menu you can select to Go to Full Channels List with Guide, Movies & TV Shows or your Profile section where you can make purchases, check your account, change parental pin and so on.

    On the Announcement Banners you can get graphic updates about what’s going on or sometimes the major updates will be shown to you on screen while watching.

    From the Shortcut section you get to Browse immediate favorites and some categories of TV Channels such as News, Sports, Entertainment. Not All channels are on the Home Screen, to view all channels you have to go the All TV channels list from the Main Menu on TOP.

    There is also VOD [Continue Watching] section in the home screen. If you have left a Video half way through or watched for a while and left from that, those videos will populate here.

    All these are updated once you Exit & Re-open the app.

    TV Channel List / Guide View Tutorial.

    In order to view the full list of channels with Guide open the “ALL TV CHANNELS” from top Menu.

    A guide view Listing will appear. Which contains all channels available with different categories.

    You can scroll up and down quickly to see what’s going on the said TV Channel and also what will be there next and throughout the day. If you have set your Favorites, those channels will be listed on Top instead of the default order.

    Yes there is a way to browse the guide without changing a channel preview. In order to do that. Open a channel in Full Screen and then Select “Channel List” from that screen. Now the same Guide View listing will appear but this time when you scroll through the channels the preview will stick to the Main channel what you were watching.

    You can also browse through other channels on the List with the Help of mini browser and mini EPG. Simply scroll to the down area and channels from similar category will appear on the bottom for you to browse and select from.

    Categories Tutorial.

    Knowing how to navigate your categories is important. The All TV Channels list simply populates all of the available content. But Typhoon distributed and sorted the channels with different categories, such as News, Locals, Entertainment, Sports and so on. There are a lot of categories to browse through.

    All the Categories are displayed and distributed in the Home Screen as Group of Categories such as Sports | PPV. A user can easily pick from there and also they can switch categories while in the Guide/EPG view.

    In order to bring up Categories press the “Left” navigation button from you remote while you are in the Channels List. It is said on the bottom right of the Screen.

    All the available categories will appear on the screen. You can scroll up and down to select a certain Category such as NFL pass or Movie Channels.

    Once you select a certain Category, only that category channels will view in the list. If you have favorites saved you can also view your favorites only as Category. We have explained adding and removing Favorites in the next chapter.

    Add/Remove Favorites Tutorial.

    Adding a Favorite channel has never been so easy. There are multiple ways to add favorites. First one is to, Go in the ALL TV CHANNELS list. When you found your Favorite Channel bring up the Menu.

    In order to bring up Menu press and hold the “OK” button from your remote. That’s the main button of a remote mostly Round and in the middle of Navigation buttons. 

    Once you bring up the Menu you can see 2 or 3 options suggesting to press “UP” button for bring up search “Left” button to Add or Remove Favorite.

    Press “Left” to add the certain channel as your favorite. And in the same way you can remove it from your Favorites later on.


    The second way to Add or Remove Favorites is even easier. You do it on the go. While you are watching a channel on Full Screen press on Left or right or OK button A few options on the Screen will appear and on the TOP RIGHT corner of the screen, you will see option to Add or Remove the certain content as favorite.

    Don’t forget to Exit and Re-open the App in order to view you recent favorites taking action in Favorites list.

    In order to search for a channel or video. You need to bring up the menu. The same menu from All TV Channels List bottom, by press and holding OK button from your remote controller.

    Once you bring up the Menu, Press “UP” button from remote as it’s suggested and then you can on-screen type and search for a channel.

    N.B: Make sure you are not inside a certain Category and searching for a channel from other Categories, it will not result a search.


    As an example we searched with AMC

    The results returned a list of AMC channels available only.

    You can use the same method for searching a Movie or TV show, in the Movies & TV Show section.

    Adult Content Access Tutorial.

    We definitely had to lock the adult contents for family values. Accessing the adult entertainment category requires a pin, by default it’s 12345.

    You can change it to harder numbers from Profile section.

    Simply Open the ALL TV CHANNELS list and bring up the categories by pressing “LEFT” Navigation button from remote. Scroll down all the way to the bottom and you will find Adult Entertainment Category. Select that.

    Now while the screen asks you for a pin, input your pin. By default it’s 12345.

    Now you can view all the Adult Channels. We suggest not to add an adult channel as favorite, as it may appear on the main screen and can disrespect family values.

    Movies and TV Shows Overview.

    On Typhoon App you can enjoy thousands of on demand shows and latest and old movies. From the Home Screen Go to “MOVIES & TV SHOWS”

    Once you open the Movies & TV Shows gallery. You’ll see that all TV Shows are listed on top and it is too many too scroll down to other type of VOD such as movies. No need to worry about that!

    Typhoon has Categorized all the videos. There are TV-show, Latest Movies, Old Movies, IMDB Top movies and many more to choose from.

    Press and hold OK button from your remote to bring up VOD menu. From which you will be able to select a certain category or search.

    Demonstrating how we can choose to view Latest Movies only. From the Menu we clicked “Left”.

    Profile Section Overview.

    In the profile section you manage everything such as your Parental Pin, your Access Plans, your Name and Time Zone etc.