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Journey of Typhoon Labs

We are a team of Stream Engineers and Certified Server Management Technical. We specialize on Live Streaming and VOD streaming, cloud computing and storage engineering.

Our mission is serving the platform with utmost dedication and effort which can ensure a long sustaining relationship and larger network of clients.
Our vision is to save public expense on Entertainment and deliver quality product as promised.

– Gregory Highland

Save money with TV

Statistics show that average people spends hundreds of dollars each year after TV content such as EPG, Pay per view contents and shows. Our goal is to save the public expense by bundling most popular items together with a simple end user license.

Start saving now


Easy installation and setup, easy logins and account sharing.


Cost effective and long term subscriptions for as long as half a year.


Dynamic Favorite selection and separate section for favorite content management.


Account management such as password change, parental pin change made easy.

Concurrent Session

5 concurrent sessions with only one price. Package for the whole house.

Better Uptime

Maintained and monitored servers and software to ensure your seamless experience.

Thus spoke our customers

"Typhoon Labs TV has the best customer service. They are always ready to provide instant solution to any issues. Very Friendly"

Celia Fletcher

We haven’t had any issues with Typhoon Labs. 2 months in and decided to take a chance and do 6 months. Once they were doing a system upgrade which took about 24 hours. We don’t experience freezing. Once in a while the channel will disconnect but it’s temporary. You do need decent internet speed to run it properly. Can’t complain about $60 for 6 months with 5 connections. Chat is always available.

Jennifer Coulter

I like the service. Anytime it goes down they respond in the chat. They are the most stable services out there. I have them for 2 years.

Jessica Frazier